Full Moon March 2nd 2018

On the back of our first Blue Moon of 2018 we are all still buzzing with energy and a heightened sensitivity. The next Full Moon reaches us on March the 2nd bringing a calming and regenerating energy with it. I have spoken about this before, washing the negative away...
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Full Moon January 31st 2018

Full Blue Blood Super Moon January 31st 2018 Hold on to your horses, this is going to get wild! This very rare and special Full Moon comes as a Blue Moon, (meaning the second Full Moon appearing in a single calendar month) a Super Moon, (the moon being closest to the...
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Full Moon January 2nd 2018

Welcome to the New Year! It’s time for a fresh start, let the past stay in the past and move forward. The first Full Moon of 2018 explodes into our lives on January the 2nd packing an energetic punch to blast us away from 2017. The moon comes to us in conjunction with...
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Full Moon December 4th 2017

We have made it! The last Full Moon for 2017 is here! For many, this year has been one to forget rather than cherish. There have been many challenges thrown at us and lessons to have learnt. The energy that is coming from the December Full Moon is reminding us to take...
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Hi, I’m Crystal Rose

My name is Crystal Rose, I am a psychic/medium, light worker and writer. I possess the ability to connect with spirit to provide healing and guidance. I have been actively practicing this connectivity for the past few years after succumbing to the persistent ‘knocking’ I received from the other side. From as far back as I can remember, speaking to unseen energies was part of my life and I considered this to be normal. It wasn’t until I dove in further that I realised the connections I had, were of a higher purpose and not necessarily something that we all retain.

We are on this earth plane to experience ‘life’. Each of us with differing paths. I now understand that part of my life purpose is to assist and help others on their own journeys. This may reach you as messages through my writing, a personal reading or assistance with balancing and clearing your energy. Regardless, my job is to help connect you and provide you with the tools to carry on with your own life purpose. I am here.

Thank you.

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$50 for a 1 hour reading

I can connect and help you to also connect with your guides to find the answers and guidance you are searching for. I provide face to face or email readings (same price). What needs to come through WILL for you. You just need to take the first step and reach out for it.

Energy Work

$50 for 1 hour

I tune into you and your guides to gain what method of energy work or healing you would benefit from. This ranges from Crystal work, Chakra balancing, Energy healing and Aura cleansing.



Every month, I receive inspiration from the energy that the Full Moon delivers. My aim is to pass that on to you, enabling you to prepare for the following month and gather yourself through the universal communication channels.

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Full Moon June 9th 2017

The energy of the moon coming in on Friday the 9th of June is peaceful, open your hearts, embrace change and realise that even the smallest gesture of love, goes a long way. The universe has spoken, now is the time to move forward and love is the only answer.

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