Gone are the days of the stereotypical gypsy clad psychic. I certainly don’t fit into this category and nor do most psychics to be honest. Psychics are just the same as everyone else. We are all human beings experiencing life on earth. We have ups and downs, challenges, joy and all of the in-between. We are not immune to sadness, illness, loss and heartache as some might come to assume. Unfortunately this is part of all life and one that is important to enable us to grow and learn as individuals. Part of what I do for myself and others is to help work through these difficult times, as hard as that may be, (and trust me it often is).

We are all different too. Not all psychics are the same, or share the same beliefs and lifestyles. All over the world there are practicing psychics, spanning from different cultures and religions. We all work with differing styles as you could imagine. Specifying a psychic’s role to doing one traditional job, can then be difficult which is why I like to use the term ‘Light Worker’. Light is energy, and energy is the source in which all psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, healers etc. work with. All of what we do is done with pure heart, love and light aimed at helping the people of this world.

As a psychic there is no universal rule as to how we can or cannot live. The beauty of being an individual and that of having freedom of choice is that we still live our lives like anyone else would. We are not confined to a life of servitude for the greater good. We are in fact, encouraged to pursue our dreams as crazy or out there as they may be. You will find that many psychics continue doing readings or healing work, as well as their normal source of income, because it brings them joy and inner peace helping others.

To give you an idea about me more specifically, here are some things that may or may not ‘fit in’ to the psychic genre. I play and support football, it is hard and it is aggressive but equally as exciting. Tackling is part of the sport, so being physical and going hard at the ball is part of my role as a player. I drink alcohol and I go out with friends, socializing is needed for the human race to develop and part of this for me includes having a few drinks. This is certainly not abused and I want you to understand that this is ok for a light worker/psychic to do. I get angry, I get upset, I make mistakes, I like heavy metal and an array of different music, I am purely just a human like everyone else. I am in NO WAY a happy joyful angel of a person all the time, although I still try my best to be. We all have emotions, that is our given right as humans so, again, I am not immune to the struggles that we all face because of who I am and what I do. I just might tackle them differently.

However, throughout all of the crazy mayhem which is life, I practice acceptance, non-judgment and love for all beings. That doesn’t mean that I need to like everyone, but I acknowledge that we are all different and accept people how they are. I hug trees, (yes I actually do this, they give us oxygen for goodness sake), I love animals, I am a vegetarian and of course I speak to the universe. I don’t howl at the moon as some have joked about in the past, but I do consider the moon to be one of my direct energy and communicative sources. I often wear hippy clothing (they are bloody comfortable) and go days without wearing makeup. On the other hand, I enjoy dressing up and look forward to occasions where this can be done. I am certainly not your cliché psychic and I don’t really ‘fit in’ to any category of human being and that’s ok. I am an individual and accept myself for who I am and am happy this way. Even if that means following a relaxing and healing meditation session that I am yelling and screaming at the football then so be it. It does not make me any less of a psychic nor diminish my abilities in any way. I practice what I preach so that you and others can see this and do it too.

I really hope that these three blogs about being a psychic has given you a better and broader understanding of who we are as people and what we do. It is not a complex thing, nor is it something to be afraid of. We are not above or below others, there is no specific way we have to live or dress, we are simply here to experience our lives the way we want, whilst providing love and support for the people of this world.