No, I do not know the winning lotto numbers and no I can’t tell you who is going to win the Brownlow this year. It doesn’t work like that. Do you think, if it did, that would be very fair? Of course it wouldn’t. We are all here on this earth to experience life.

Part of my life purpose is to help others connect to their higher selves, to their spirit guides and the universe. Imagine that before you came here, you signed a contract with yourself. Stating that you wished to experience a certain thing, achieve something in particular or learn a lesson that you feel would help in your next lifetime. Whatever that may be, as soon as we are born, our ego (our mind) comes into play and we soon forget the details of the contract with ourselves.

I receive information and guidance from spirit to assist myself and others in fulfilling their goals. I don’t get an imprinted list of things on you when I meet you, nor do I get your entire history given to me. I am a conduit, a messenger of sorts and I pass on what information I am given when it is asked for.

Your guides, angels and spirit team are your protectors. They are the ones that communicate this knowledge. If they don’t feel that someone is genuine or if they decide the information is not necessary, they won’t pass it on. Their universal purpose is to help keep you on track to achieving your life goals, teaming up with whomever on this earthly plane they feel is suitable.

This information can be received in different forms. We are individuals and so are your etheric guardians. As mentioned in part 1, there are four main types of psychic receivership. Clear seeing, clear hearing, clear feeling and clear knowing.  I receive information in all of these forms, but not always in a physical way – as some may imagine.

Seeing and Hearing

When I mention that I can see someone or something, it’s an image projected into my mind’s eye. I don’t (usually) see a physical presence. With the combination of feeling and energy, I can sense where an energy or being is positioned and (in my mind’s eye) see what they are projecting. Generally, when I hear something it comes in the form of noise, talking, or what I would describe as interpreted vibration in my inner ear. It’s not a loud noise. In fact, it’s almost silent, much the same as white noise.

In saying that, depending on the energies and their ability to project vibrations, I do often hear with my physical ear. Most often this will be just a noise, rather than a verbal communication. Something like chiming or knocking. I see this as spirit’s way of getting my attention, especially when they are really trying to get me to notice something.

Feeling and Knowing

I often think that our ability to ‘feel’ can be, at times, stronger than the other psychic senses. For me, the ‘feeling’ and ‘knowing’ attributes go hand in hand. Sometimes I may feel a presence and know exactly who it is or what it is but have no explanation for how I know.

It’s like sensing the energy when you walk into a room. You’ve no doubt noticed that some rooms feel welcoming and comforting, whereas others project a coldness and make you uncomfortable. This could be a reflection of a number of things, but it ties into your natural instincts and how your intuitive abilities can help in dangerous situations.

I pose another scenario to you. How often do you go to ring someone when at the same time the phone rings and it’s the person you were going to call? And how often do you think of someone only to receive a text from them soon after? This stuff isn’t coincidence. I feel this type of ‘knowing’ is part of a telepathic ability that we have inbuilt, enabling us to communicate with others here on earth. As we evolve, so do the invisible connections we have to the universe and each other.

Be open to your feelings, trust in yourself and let your instincts guide you. They are driven by a divine force that is helping you through life with an incredible amount of love. They know you better than you know yourself. Sometimes we are guarded from them because we don’t understand. I am here to help you with that. Let’s connect and work with them to point you in the right direction.