Winter has come to an end, spring has returned and this month’s Full Moon on the 6th, is encouraging us to embrace the seasonal changes. As plants and animals begin to reemerge, reaching towards the warmth and energy that the changing sun is providing, we too need to look towards our energy source to lift us up and enlighten our souls.
Two key words that are coming through from the Moon’s energy are ‘clarity’ and ‘rejuvenation’. We are being prompted to clear our minds and body. Dust off and leave behind that which does not serve us and move forward. The cold months of winter have held us hostage, kept us inside and away from the light energy that is produced by the sun. Now as the seasons change, we are being encouraged to branch out and grow ourselves.

Mercury Retrograde has now finished (on September 5th) allowing the cleansing energy of the Full Moon to penetrate the earth with ease. We have almost been at a standstill over the past few weeks with so much universal activity halting us from moving forward. Now as things begin to settle, the message to get back on track is being spread. Regrowth of one’s self is something to keep in mind during the next few weeks in September. We have the encouragement from the Moon and Universe to take control and perhaps take a leap of faith in the way of trying something new. Allowing ourselves to be open to new ideas and accepting of different opportunities that may come our way will show to be prosperous.

Again, we look to nature this month to lead the way. Spring is here and has already begun to alter the appearance of the plants and trees that surround us. Blossoms are forming on trees, bees are buzzing with more virility and birds are welcoming their young into the world. Follow these transformations, feel how the energy is changing and embrace the changes. Change is not as scary as we often think. Sometimes change (be it small or insignificant) can be the thing that sparks a turning point that we may need in our life.

There are three crystals that I’m feeling connect to September’s Full Moon. Clear Quartz, Malachite and Flourite. Again, these all speak, clarity, rejuvenation and change, however, please be aware that Malachite is an extremely powerful crystal and I don’t suggest to use this unless you are experience with crystal use. Its energy can easily become potent and overwhelming if used in the wrong way or if you are not ready to handle the intense vibrational energy that it omits. Not to worry though, the Clear Quartz and Flourite Crystals are both gentle in vibration, however resonate in the higher spectrum so are able to assist us in clearing our chakras and auras as well as enhancing our psychic connection to the universe. If you are comfortable and experienced enough, using Malachite can help you to connect or reconnect to your inner self. We often get carried away with how our body looks on the outside and forget that it’s what we cannot see on the inside that have greater impact on our body and mind. By cleansing our internal meridians, centering ourselves and allowing the healing energy of crystals to assist us, we can create clarity on the outside as well. There is no particular way to work with these crystals, it is as simple as having them close by you, leaving them next to your bed at night or placing them around your home in common areas. Have the intention that you wish to work with them and ask that the energy of the crystal or crystals you have chosen be of benefit to your specific needs.

Card Reading

I drew two cards this month from the Nature Whispers Oracle Card deck to go with our Full Moon for you. Both cards that were given to me signify being true to ourselves, connecting with our higher self and looking after what is most important to us. I believe both cards go hand in hand, so the messages that the universe is trying to get across is amplified at the moment.

Be True To Your Heart
To put it simply, or more than it already has been put. Trust in yourself, listen to your inner self no matter what the circumstances. Your soul always knows what is best for you. We just need to learn to listen and follow our own guidance.

Let Love Be Your Beacon
Lead with love, always. Your inner light will allow you to see life with new and fresh perspectives. You have the power to learn and experience beautiful things every day if you just let it be and open your heart to more.

Be clear with your intentions this month. It is time for fresh new beginnings, although some of us need a little extra help to grow and break free of the blanket we are hidden under. Reach for your goals, clear your mind and strive for what it is that you want. There is no time like the present, yesterday has gone and the future is just but an idea. Live in the now, embrace your inner self and go for it. I have faith that you can do it, we all can.

My final words for this month’s Full Moon, is just to embrace life. Reach for the stars, push yourselves to achieve your goals. There are so many elements in our lives that often get in the way of what we want. Ask yourself what you want out of life and really listen closely with intent. You will always be given the answers, it is up to you to take notice and receive what you need. As always, I am here if you have any questions. Happy Full Moon.