Welcome to October and the mystical Harvest Full Moon, which graces us with its presence on Friday the 6th. Around the time of a harvest moon, the moon traditionally rises shortly after the sun which in years gone by, allows farmers to have a greater amount of light in which to harvest with. These days, we don’t turn to the moon’s light for harvesting assistance, however, the name still holds significance in the astrological calendar.

The energy that the moon is beaming down to us this month is transmitting the message to embrace young and uplifting energy. Whether this be by channeling a childhood memory of playing board games, getting the bike out the shed and going for a ride or being around children and really listening to them laugh and play. This youthful energy is something that we change as we grow. Our energy becomes more structured and less sporadic and therefore we forget what it is like to just let go and enjoy being in the moment.

Whilst we are off, squealing at the top of our lungs flying down the playground slides, we are also being reminded to remember who we are. Don’t let life carry you away. Stay calm, stay humble and stay true to yourself. These words seem simple and insignificant when written, but ask yourself, what do they really mean to you? Have you found yourself far from where you had hoped to be at this point in your life? Are there things standing in the way of your dreams and goals that have become part of your everyday regime? Take a step back, to perhaps when you were much younger and care free, and look at the person you have become. Is this how you planned for it to happen? I guarantee that the majority of us, myself included, would see something that they are not happy with. This might be the job you are in, your appearance, some of your habits, or simply that you want to change something but continue to hit road blocks when you do. Just remember, you are only human and it is ok to fail. It is ok to not like your job, your situation, your partner even. You are the only one that can change how you live, no one else can. The moon’s energy is reminding us that we need to take a look at how we have chosen to live our lives and not to be hard on ourselves if we are not happy with some of these choices. Ask yourself for forgiveness and embrace the universal energy to move on and make the changes that you are looking for.

Rest when you need it, eat when you need to fuel your body, strengthen your body and mind through exercise and meditation. Imagine your body as a ball of energy. Strands of white energy circling around in perfect harmony. But when one aspect of your life is off, be it your diet, mental health or physical presence, it knocks the rest of your energy strands out of alignment. You slowly begin to spiral outward as each portion of your human makeup tries to compensate the other. For example, eating to extinguish depression or sadness, over exercise to compensate body image concerns or social hermitage to control anxiety issues. None of these things can fix what is internal and sometimes, when we get to this point, we feel as though we are too far spiraling out of control that it almost seems impossible to get back to where we should be.

Not all is lost though, the universe is there for us and sending support. Self-love and mindfulness are the two most important aspects of staying on track with your life. Start simple, by loving who you are on the inside first. This can be hard, I know, but try. The more you begin to love yourself first, the calmer your ball of energy will become and the easier it will be to get things flowing in a more prosperous way. Being mindful of the fact that you are trying to make changes and being loving towards yourself aids in manifesting a continuum of this behavior. The more positive and loving you try to be, the easier it will become and the more at peace with your life you will begin to feel.

I only pulled one card for you this month to go with the Moon’s messages as I felt the energy that was coming through was rather direct and had a very strong vibration. There didn’t need to be any more added to it. I chose from the Angel Tarot Cards deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. The card that came to me was the Queen of Fire. This card has a very powerful energy attached to it, one that encompasses confidence and strength. The card says to “stretch your wings and fly! Don’t underestimate yourself. Assert you independence and creativity.” Such a simple, uplifting and powerful message. There isn’t really much else that I feel could be added to this. Those that are reading this will know instantly what this means to them. Use this card as a gift of strength and the gentle nudge you need to get your boat gliding towards your destination. The universe has your back.

Crystals that I recommend to use this month are, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Serpentine and Tigers Eye. If you have Selenite, that is excellent! Use it along with the other crystals to keep their energy (and that of the etheric energy around you) clear. These will all help in keeping you on track, honoring yourself and your wishes in life and aid in clearing your energy to stay focused on you.

I want to leave you with this quote, let it sink in and accept the message that it brings to you. It may mean something different to you that it does to someone else, but it goes deep and that’s where you need to be to become who you truly are.

No one is perfect, but everyone is….

Happy Full Moon.