When life gives you lemons, it is said to make lemonade, (or cheesecake or lemon tart in my case). So, let us remind ourselves what this really means. Making the most out of every situation, be it good or bad, turning things around so that all involved will prosper from it,  seeing the positive in everything. As hard as this may be, the Full Moon arriving on the 4th of November is urging us to stay grounded and make use of the things we have in our lives right here and now.

It is easy to get caught up in the drama of life as things build and become more challenging. In most instances the answers and solutions are found from within. Some quiet meditation or self-reflection can help with these obstacles. I find that sometimes during these periods of drama, blockages occur and all it takes to continue flowing again is to practice being still and in the moment.

A way of doing this, of course is meditation. However, meditation comes in all types of forms not just sitting quietly and listening to calming music. Taking a moment to be present provides just as much benefit as quiet reflection. The energy coming through is projecting images of upcycled furniture, regenerated veggie gardens and homes given new life by old things. This could be reflected by using recycled materials to make things, consuming what food staples we have in our pantry, making the most of our current situation. Set yourself a challenge this month; use something old to make something new. This can be your ‘meditation’. Try this, see how you go and be mindful of the act you are doing. Be proud of your efforts, listen to what your thoughts and especially your heart is telling you as you do it.

It is also time to acknowledge the hard work you have been doing. Whether this be by going to work every day in order to earn money for your household, being a parent and looking after children, or working towards some personal goals. Often we coast through life, guided by routine and structure, leading us to forget about the little wins we have in our lives. Treat yourself for all the good you have been doing. Reward yourself by allowing time for you. Perhaps you could use this time by creating a piece of art using those recycled materials or get into the garden and plant some new vegetables in time for the approaching summer. Whatever you chose to do, remember that you are doing it as a reward for yourself.

Our human existence is a constant learning experience. What we learn in this lifetime is up to us and only we can dictate how our soul absorbs this information. Being creative and using our hidden talents in a way to satisfy ourselves can often lead to bigger and better things. This could be opportunities to meet new people, better health or self-love. Loving one’s self can be the most difficult thing for we see the flaws that no one else can. Stop and take a minute to accept and love who you are, reward yourself with this love and do what helps you to grow and flourish in this moment.

As the moon shines bright this November, I want you to really try and feel the energy that is beaming down. It is an invisible yet powerful feeling. We are naturally drawn to the moon, there is something so mystic and magical about it. I often find myself staring at the moon and becoming lost in its beauty. Being consumed by what is unequivocally an energy source that I am connected to. We all have this ‘connection’ with something. Not everyone is necessarily connected to the moon, but the appearance it reflects is truly beautiful and hard for anyone to ignore.

I picked two cards from my Astrological Oracle Card deck for the November Full Moon messages. The cards that popped up for me were Pisces (being the fish) and Aquarius (being the water carrier). The two signs of the zodiac being picked together is a strong message from the universe regarding our connection with water (and the moon). Although the element for Aquarius is actually Air, both symbols represent the pull and flow of water. The Moon and its phases has an extremely powerful influence on the Earth’s tidal systems so why wouldn’t it also have a similar effect on the human body? We are made up of over 75% water which would explain why we often feel rather different or in some cases a little heightened and ungrounded around the time when the moon is at its fullest. Don’t allow your internal tidal movements to carry you away, keep focused on what your intentions are and have trust in your higher self to take you where you need to be. Staying grounded around the time of a Full Moon is so important and all of the things I mentioned above including meditation can help you do that. Start listening to your soul self and you won’t get carried away with the tide.

If you are using Crystals, I suggest to keep Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Selenite close by this month. These all vibrate at a higher frequency and whilst they aren’t the suggested crystals to keep you grounded, they are what to use in order to gain clarity and perception. I believe in order to move forward in our lives, honoring ourselves in a trusting and loving way is so important. As is having confidence in our own abilities. Whilst Selenite and Clear Quartz can help to clear the fuzz and wash away any negative or slow vibrating energy, Amethyst can put you on a path toward enlightenment and trust in your own feelings and abilities. We all have amazing connections, just sometimes the link to those connections get washed away.

Be true to yourselves this month, you come first. Even if you treat yourself to something small, it is a step in the right direction. We all need a little magic in our lives at times, we just don’t know that it is us as individuals that can create that magic. One upcycled project at a time. It all has purpose, even though we might not know what that purpose is just yet.

Thank you, as always, I am here.
Sending you so much love.