This month’s Full Moon focuses on preparation and protection. Not just the protection of one’s physical body, but rather a broader aspect touching on all areas of life. Too often we become complacent with the easy going nature of the world around us. Our laid back attitude in Australia is something we pride ourselves on and should cherish, however, without proper acknowledgement of life and its mishaps, sometimes we may get caught behind.

This energy is going to mean something different for everyone as I feel the universe is not sending through a general message for all, but that of one’s own interpretation. I encourage you to take a look at your life as it is right now. What steps can you take in order to protect yourself from ill health, physical obstacles, home security and general life management? Are you planning on renovating or beginning a new business venture? The strong message is to get yourself into order and do it now, there is nothing better than preparation, especially when given a heads up by our divine guides.

What are your first thoughts that come to mind when I say you need to protect yourself? For me, this is protecting my energy, working on my health and preparing for a very physical few months ahead. For you it could be something as simple as remembering to lock the car or make sure you house is secure before you leave. Ensuring that you have everything in order before you head into that important work meeting or making the effort to communicate your plans with everyone so no one is in the dark when it comes to production. Turn on your intuition (because you all have it) and see what comes to mind. Go with it and have faith that what you are feeling is the right answer for you.

This month I chose to pick cards from the Angel Tarot Cards Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. I felt the need to pick more than one card and ended up with three cards popping up for you. Six of Fire, King of Fire and Renewal represented by Archangel Jeremiel. The way it has come across to me represents what I would call a three month outlook. One card for each month, (or so to speak). It starts off with the message of Victory! Good news is on its way, but in order for this to occur you still need to work towards it. Focus on your goals, your achievements are within reach, but be confident enough in yourself and your abilities to ask for help and lean on others for guidance and support. In the end, hard work and determination become rewarded, take a step back and look at how you have achieved what you set out to and acknowledge the steps you took to get there. This might end up being something of minute value but still significant to you or a win of great magnitude that sees you being able to take a fresh breath of air again and move on. Whatever this may be for you, knowing that you prepared and allowed yourself the time to achieve these goals, means that you took action when the time was right. Now is the time, go for it, but make sure you do so with a plan and honor it to the end.

If you are looking at using crystals, one of the best to use for protection is Black Obsidian. This stone is used in high energy clearing as well as psychic protection and drawing out unwanted energy which no longer serves you. It helps to give you clarity which allows your mind to be more focused. You can simply put a crystal on your bedside table so its vibrational energy can cleanse and discharge your energy during the night. Alternatively you can wear or carry one in your pocket or place a crystal in all four major corners of the house, this aids in a generalized protection of the etheric energy around you and your family.

I have found this month’s energy from the Full Moon, particularly challenging to decipher. Usually I get a very direct message, one that gives me prime examples and outcomes for everyone. I still received clear communication, but with the suggestion that it will differ for each and every one of my readers. I feel it has come across in this particular form for you all, as the universe is asking you to switch on. Use your own abilities and work out what preparation and protection mean for you. You’ve got the answers within you, just ask and you will receive!

The moon will be transitioning during the evening and morning of May the 10th/11th. This should allow us to view the brilliance of the light that the moon emanates for two full nights. Technically the moon will be at its fullest on the morning of the 11th here in the southern hemisphere, however, the energy that comes across will do so over a period of a few days. Give thanks and take in what messages have come through for you.

May Full Moon cards

May Full Moon cards

Happy Full Moon!