On the back of our first Blue Moon of 2018 we are all still buzzing with energy and a heightened sensitivity. The next Full Moon reaches us on March the 2nd bringing a calming and regenerating energy with it. I have spoken about this before, washing the negative away and cleansing the present. A very similar message is coming through this time round, however with a more mellow approach. Mercury goes into retrograde again on the 22nd with its effects lasting until April the 15th. We are being prompted to really let go and just allow life to happen before the problematic retrograde (in Aries) begins.

As the Full Moon in Virgo arrives, it is tabulating a very calming and peaceful energy. Like the feeling as you drift off to sleep, you are still coherent but the unconscious is taking over and that state of conscious unconsciousness begins. We are being asked to stop, take a step back and take some time out. There has been so much going on since the start of the year that the universe is prompting us to slow down. As humans, we get so caught up with work, life, kids, everything, that we forget to actually live and enjoy our existence. Let us take a leaf out of our children’s books, out of the youth that live amongst us and learn to have fun. For even just one day out of this whole month, to really relax and let your inner child take over and direct your actions.

To really pass on the feeling that I am getting from the Full Moon, I want you to imagine the life of a Hippie. Care free, happy, loving, not worried about what tomorrow will bring. Ask yourself, how can you get a natural high and peaceful sensation from what is in your life right now to represent that hippie loving feeling? Unlock your doors and go out, have fun with friends and let your inhibitions go. Who cares if people don’t like the way you look, the way you dress, the way you speak? Just be yourself. There is nothing more powerful in this world than to embrace the person you are even with all your flaws. We all have them. Be it wrinkles, carrying extra weight, unhealthy habits, pimples, whatever. No one is a bounty of youth and it is all in the eye of the beholder that we shame those attributes. We are our worst enemies. The more we speak ill of ourselves and judge our confidence, the more others will see through and do the same.

The Full Moon is the perfect time to give these doubts and worries to the universe. Invoke mother moon and ask her to take away your troubles. They may still be there in your life, but the hold they have on you will dissipate. You don’t need any special abilities or tools to be able to do this. As the moon draws in on Friday, ask that it take away your concerns, cleanse it of its grasp on you and disperse it into the universe for clearing. This is the same way you cleanse your crystals. Have them out in the light of the moon and just ask. Some crystals vibrate at a similar frequency to our own energy meridians, so it makes sense that the moon’s energy would have the same effect on our spiritual and emotional self too. Try this affirmation to help you connect with the universe and our Full Moon. Say out loud or in your mind, but hold the intention that this will undoubtedly and unequivocally run true. “I am here, I am willing, I trust Mother Moon to cleanse me of my troubles and give my faith in myself and the universe.”

The crystals I suggest to use this month are Citrine, Aventurine and Flourite. Citrine is one of the two stones that self-cleanse and therefore holds the attributes of regeneration and clearing. Citrine is the crystal for self-confidence, helping to turn self-destructive behaviors to that of love and emotional stability. Aventurine can come in many different colours and attributes as does Flourite, however I am working with Green Aventurine in particular at the moment. Green Aventurine is used in conjunction with the heart chakra. It empowers love and protection of the heart. Our soul is directly connected to our hearts, not our brain. When we make emotional decisions we are always taught to look to our heart to make these. Use Green Aventurine as a form of comfort, like a warm hug and allow its magic to give you back emotional calm and wellbeing. Love yourself first, always. Flourite, this seems to be popping up for me a lot lately and I am falling more and more in love with this crystal. Flourite appears in more than 6 colours so can be difficult to decipher at times. The most common forms are however, green and purple. Flourite is an extremely high psychic protection stone. Empaths benefit from using them to ward off psychic attack and emotional vampires. It is excellent for use in balancing which links with the messages to follow your inner child’s voice and have fun this month. Balance is not just a spiritual and physical thing, there is a balance of work and life, partners and family, ups and downs. They are all important in their own ways, just be mindful not to allow the balance to shift too far in one direction. Flourite can assist in doing this.

I pulled one card from my Cherub Angel Cards for Children Deck by Doreen Virtue to go with the March 2nd Full Moon. I felt that we all needed a simple childlike message from spirit to help us understand the energy this month. I use these cards with my children, they are fun and their meanings are gentle and ever so beautiful. I was given just one card for you and I was bought to laughter after it was revealed. This card comes up every single time my daughter picks her cards.

Speak Up and Tell the Truth. For my daughter, this is a message for her to remember that the truth, be it hard, is the most important way of allowing her to express her emotions and feelings. For the rest of us, this too will resonate, but I ask you to look within. Speak up and be honest with yourself. Don’t extinguish feelings because it is not right. Sometimes it is hard to tell people how you feel, but it is harder to tell your higher self and accept your feelings for what they are. A child has a brutally honest language. Perhaps we are being asked to trust in our inner child, let them lead the way and as we follow in their footsteps, remind ourselves of the importance of love, to laugh and being true to who we really are.

As this wave of calm approaches, it still brings much for us to think about. Embrace what you get from these messages of the Full Moon. Look to the brightness of children, let your inner child lead you and let down those barriers that stop you from living your life. You owe it to yourself to trust in your feelings and be honest with who you are. Have fun and don’t take life too seriously, enjoy it.