This month’s Full Moon arrives with a force of energy. Have you ever felt that strange sensation of tingling when lighting cracks or the hairs on your arm stand up when a thunder storm is approaching? This is a similar energy to what the moon is about to unload on us. You may not physically feel this sensation as the moon comes into its fullest, but perhaps sense it happening. We all have a natural intuition or ‘knowing’ as I like to call it. We can all ‘feel’ energy, just on different levels to one another (which I will explain more another time). Notice how your pets behave during this time, are they acting different than usual? Animals are a great indicator if there is a change in energy (among other very special abilities). We are being sparked into the next Luna month, don’t be surprised if the animals around you show erratic or strange behavior in the lead up and few days following the full moon.

The strong message that I get for this month’s Full Moon is to get grounded! We as humans are easily distracted and it is easy for us to get carried away with the hustle and bustle of modern life. Getting into nature is perfect for grounding at the moment. Grounding is what keeps us level headed, it enables us to make choice decisions and stay focused. I feel that we are being asked stop and take note of the world around us, spend time with family and friends and to honor our relationship with mother earth.

You can achieve this by simply taking the dog for a walk or doing some gardening, getting fresh air and listening to the birds. Anything to do with the outdoors, nature and plants is an excellent way to keep you attached. Some things might appear effortless and you may find yourself questioning how they could possibly help, however, every action (be it small or large) has a reaction and in this case, the reaction is keeping you firmly planted on the ground.

If you wish to go a little deeper with your grounding connection, wearing the colour red, taking your shoes off and walking on the beach or grass can do this. If you are into using Crystals, placing Red Jasper or Hematite stones around you aid in stabilization and keeping you connected to the earth plane. There are many alternate forms of grounding and connection, my suggestion is to feel what would work best for you and what would interest you the most.

This month I wanted to provide you with a card from one of my oracle tarot and meditation decks. I have pulled a card from Spirit of the Wheel Meditation, created by Linda Ewashina and illustrated by Jody Bergsa. This has got to be one of my favorite decks and often my go to when I just can’t decide which ones to use. It has a deep earthy feel, Linda and Jody have used nature as its focal point to envelop the spirit of animals and the universe, not to mention the art work is just amazing.

The card that popped up for me today was the Blue Moon, representing what is called the thirteenth moon. (Coincidentally the 13th of this month is our Full Moon). Although we are not expecting our next calendar Blue Moon until January 2018, the meanings of this card are mastery, recognition and evolution. We are being asked to accept their communication, to develop a deeper connection and to explore the unknown. The universe is literally reaching out to us. More than ever we need to open up and trust our intuition, have faith that there is good in this world and enjoy life. I really love this card as it also shows the spirit of the wolf, the teacher. For me this represents strength and power, power for us to ‘evolve’. She is our leader and whatever we endeavor to achieve she will be there to guide us. Follow her and let down your walls, allow experiences to happen, let her guide you into enjoyment and self-fulfillment.

We are all different and on ever changing paths in our journey that is life, take from this what resonates with you the most. The energy is strong and so are you.

Happy Full Moon everyone, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.