Take a deep breath, you are not drowning…….

I often get messages through my dreams as well as through meditation and other communicative forms from the universe. I received a very clear and strong message from my dreams recently to do with this month’s full moon. With it came unrelenting weather patterns, tidal waves, tornadoes and flooding to the point that I felt breathless and consumed. Water, like the moon is connected to our emotions and this came through with such force it began to represent more than just what I was experiencing in my waking life but that of the whole world. In this dream, there was no escape, the more I (the world) continued to go the same way, the more entrapped I became, repeating the same thing over and over again. This was until I went in a different direction, using an alternate method to move forward and accept that what was happening would continue to happen unless I changed the way I looked at it. I needed to use this to my advantage. Use the water to whisk me away to safety, use the wind to lift me up to higher ground, embrace the emotions that were flooding in and trust that with love and faith, it would work out.

Emotions are running high and the tidal wave of energy that is approaching will not push you under, but will in fact lift you up and guide you to higher ground. Last month’s full moon asked us to prepare and protect ourselves, for what was to come needed us to be ready and vigilant. Almost like clockwork, the world has seen once again how humankind can turn and revoke the kindness that we all carry upon entry into this world. In some instances, we were ready for the onslaught of horror and terror that a miniscule group of people have bought upon society. Now, as the full moon of June is welcomed, the purest and strongest energy of all is being spoken and that is of love.

This month, as I have meditated and asked the moon for guidance, the most overwhelming feeling of love and compassion has come through. Perhaps this is a reminder for us to band together when times are tough, or that fighting and retaliation of war and anger do not solve the disputes and issues that we currently face. Love is and always will be the only answer. We have all heard the old saying, ‘one does not know the true life of another until we have walked a mile in their shoes.’ This cannot be more accurate, especially right now. We are being reminded to consider the lives and circumstances of others. This doesn’t mean that we accept or applaud their actions, but appreciate where they have come from and what hardships they may have encountered along the way. The world is far from being an all-round peaceful place, but each time we make the effort to go forth with love, it does become a better one. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren will look back in disbelief at the actions of the world we currently live in and be thankful that piece by piece there were people strong enough to take a stand and change direction.

When I say go forth with love, what does this mean for you? How does this fit in to your life? Do you have people around you that you struggle with? Is there a situation that seems endless and unresolved? Are you fighting to love the person that you are and seem lost in self-hate? Try changing the way you look at these things. This doesn’t mean that you have to be friends with everyone or like the way everyone else lives. Perhaps the answer to your particular situation is to leave a tattered relationship, friendship or environment. Love is not just about the love for another human being, but about love of all things, all beings, all relationships (even the relationship you have with yourself). The universe is asking you to start small. Any act of love in any form allows you to take that next step on your journey up the mountain. You might be at the very bottom and can’t imagine ever reaching the top, but step by step, changing the way you look at things by leading with love, will get you there. We all struggle with this from time to time, myself included. Our ego, our brain, is fear driven and often instinctively for protection we build a wall, shut ourselves off and retaliate with reflection upon what others throw out. There appears to be a pattern, as a whole, we have been doing the same thing for centuries, repeating the same mistakes but not learning from them. We need to change.

As hard as this may seem at the moment, use love as your strength. This can be represented in many forms. Compassion for others, care for another human being, a random act of kindness, providing a comforting ear, looking at yourself in the mirror without judgment, smiling, being courteous, giving a hug to someone in need. There are so many ways in which we can lead with love that don’t necessarily need to be saying ‘I love you’ (however this is still good).

I have picked a card from the ‘Whispers of Love’ Oracle Card deck (which I currently have available for purchase through my store). These cards are beautifully illustrated and focus on love and relationships. The card that popped up for me to go with the June Full Moon is ‘Actions Speak Loudly’. Follow the simple suggestions I have mentioned above to express love for others. Verbal communication is only one type of expression, use your actions and the follow on effects will bring you joy and happiness also. The crystals that I have used in the image to fit in with the love energy are Rose Quartz, Garnet, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite and Amethyst.

The energy of the moon coming in on Friday the 9th of June is peaceful, open your hearts, embrace change and realise that even the smallest gesture of love, goes a long way. The universe has spoken, now is the time to move forward and love is the only answer.