Just like that, we are half way through the calendar year. The energy that has been coming through since the beginning of 2017 has represented the twists and turns of a roller coaster. July’s full moon is without exception as it escalates into the stormy ‘Thunder’ moon which we will experience on Sunday the 9th. Tensions are building, emotions are high and the intense energy that is being presented worldwide will have an effect on all of us.

The messages that I am getting through from the moon this month is to cleanse and create calm. Being aware of the up and down energy means that we can balance that out and prepare ourselves rather than react to it when it arrives. It is time to mediate, be mindful of the energy and life around you and don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the drama.

Cleansing means something different to all of us, however, has the same impact none the less. Water, in any form acts as a natural cleanser, both for body and mind. Immerse yourself in water, allow its natural flow, be it in a bath, the sea or even a long shower, to wash away the negativity or anxiousness that you may be feeling. You may choose to go to the beach and just sit looking out at the sea, or go for a leisurely stroll along a quiet body of water.

Another form of cleansing could be within your own home. Have a think about when you last went through your clothes, you may need to de-clutter and get rid of things which no longer hold use to you. Pack these items up with love and positivity as these traits will then be passed on to the new owners. You may find there are rooms in your house which ‘feel’ stagnant. Open up some windows, light some incense, put in fresh indoor plants or place crystals around your house. All these things will work to bring clarity and a sense of peace and calm to your living environment.

No matter what you are drawn to the most when I mention cleansing, every thought that you have is one step closer to becoming centered. You might even find that you need to have an internal detox, change the foods that you are eating or just exercise more. Whatever this may be, know that you are doing it for you and that there is always a purpose. Our universe wants us to be happy, we need to acknowledge and be aware that there are outside energetic influences that may affect the way we live. By listening to the vibrations of the earth, the moon, whatever this may be, we can learn to balance this out, live more peacefully and happily together.

For this month’s Full Moon write up, I have chosen to pick from The Astrological Oracle Card deck. Two cards popped up for me as I asked for guidance, being Saturnus and Sol. (Saturn and Sun). The simple purpose of these two cards together is to remind us that we are responsible for ourselves, our life that we are here to experience and that, yes, we are the center of the universe. Each and every one of us.

I am also being encouraged to mention our solar plexus chakra along with these cards. The solar plexus connects us to universal energy flow. If this is blocked or not flowing properly, we may experience an unbalance of faith and self-confidence. An easy way of igniting this meridian is to breathe deeply, take your thoughts to around your naval area and imagine a clear yellow ball of energy wrapping itself around you. Alternatively, place a Citrine crystal on your naval when you are at rest and allow its powerful cleansing energy to regenerate your chakra. Citrine carries the power of the sun and is self-cleansing, one of the most important crystals to have in your collection (if you have one that is).

If nothing else, I ask you to do one thing for me this month. Get up early one morning and go for a walk. Listen intently to the birds, breathe in the crisp cool air and allow the calm of the morning to bring peace and tranquility to your day. We all lead busy lives, regardless of our professions. Take at least one day to do this for yourself. This in itself is a form of meditation, be mindful of using your senses to hone in on those specific sounds, smells and feelings that you get. Manifest peaceful energy with your mind and understand that what you are feeling, may in fact not be your energy but the energy that surrounds you. Use these simple methods to make adjustments where you feel is needed, love yourself and make the effort to cleanse and calm your body and mind.