Full Blue Blood Super Moon January 31st 2018

Hold on to your horses, this is going to get wild! This very rare and special Full Moon comes as a Blue Moon, (meaning the second Full Moon appearing in a single calendar month) a Super Moon, (the moon being closest to the earth at the time of the Full Moon) and because that wasn’t enough, we will be experiencing a Total Lunar Eclipse or aptly named a Blood Full Moon due to the red coloration that the earth’s shadow creates. There is just so much going on in the universe at the moment and the Moon is asking us to draw our attention to it. When the night sky hits and a glowing mysterious moon appears in your gaze, it will be so hard not to stare in awe and amazement. Getting our full attention.

Currently, we are being given a stern warning. The energy that is coming in abundance at the moment is shouting in absolute frustration to stop and take a look at ourselves, at our planet and about how we live as humans. Ego and war are turning our planet into a place of fear and destruction. Over the many years that we live, we become accustomed to this as a normal and natural way that things happen, but it’s not. The Universe wants us to wake up and make a change. We often think that as one person, one sole human being, we can’t make a difference. That we need an ‘army’ of people to make an impact. We are wrong. The universe is urging us to stand up as individuals. Think about how we live, how what we do has major impacts on the earth and those who live in our communities. Pollution, littering, food wastage, chemical infused products, consuming animals, the list goes on and on. We are being asked to just take a step back and look at how we may be able to change one thing in our lives that can help benefit the planet we live on. We only have one planet, there is no back up.

This intense energy that is rippling down from the moon is impacting more than just humans. Animals feel the effects too, so does the earth itself. Have you ever wondered about how natural disasters occur in close proximity, how an increase of earthquakes and volcanic activity seem to occur around the world at similar times? There is no such thing as a coincidence, perhaps, the Moon’s energy is making waves and giving us a good shake up so we start to listen. The Pacific Ring of Fire is very active at the moment, even a dormant volcano in Papua New Guinea has come to life causing havoc on its small island location. There have been numerous earthquake spawns and multiple larger earthquakes in close proximity in the area over the past week. With so much intensity, it makes me wonder, what if this is part of the universe trying to get us to notice?

So, whilst the universe is giving earth a bit of a shakeup, the moon’s energy is also reminding us to spread love. Showing love can come in many forms. Forgiving someone for their mistakes, putting faith in others when you need to let go or just sending a simple friendly smile to a passerby. Any act of kindness be it small or large goes towards lifting the collective vibration of earth. Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a room where there is calm, happy, friendly people, you instantly feel welcomed and peaceful? Or maybe you are standing in a line next to someone who’s angry and irritated and this makes you feel uncomfortable? Energy transfer is something that we ‘feel’ not see. It is so easy to do and we most always do so without knowing. By shifting the balance of negative dense energy to light tranquil energy, we allow more people in our community to feel this calm effect. Like a ripple in a pool of water, this spreads outwards from one single centre. That single centre is just one person showing love. A simple gesture to one person may just brighten up their life, they then may pass this on and so it flows on to another, all from one core.

With this fierce energy that is zapping humankind right now, people may become more agitated. Sensitivity is heightened and there is a greater chance of arguments and heated conversations. As hard as this may be, try to remember that the emotions running around right now are not entirely accurate. A situation that would normally be peaceful and manageable may just become the one thing that pushes you over the edge. Just remain calm, try using mindfulness and meditation to bring yourselves back to centre and create a feeling of balance and tranquility. Walk away from situations that you feel are being amplified and trust that the energy will calm down within a few days.

For this very special Full Moon, I was guided to draw three cards from my Energy Oracle Cards Deck by Sandra Anne Taylor. All three cards that appeared have strong messages of nurture, love and connection. They all tie in to the messages of kindness and simple gestures to spread love. Going inwards with acceptance and compassion first, to then pass on.

The Sun
Just as the sun nurtures the earth, bringing new life in the Spring and Summer, this is your time for a new beginning, the onset of a nurturing new light in your life, the light of divine inspiration and personal growth.

Angel of Love
Your first intention for tenderness must be directed inward and the compassion that you demonstrate towards yourself will influence the energetic potential of others also.

Second Chakra Archangel Ariel                                                       You can now open yourself to the emotional intimacy that may be coming your way. So nurture yourself and be ready to receive the affection and love in return of those around you.

There is a lot going on with this Full Moon. I don’t blame you if you are feeling a tad overwhelmed or stuck, even. Having the feeling like you are in a time laps almost, you can’t go forward, you can’t go back. I am feeling the emotions very strongly, not just my own but others around me. Being an Empath, (which some of you are too), the Full Moon at its most powerful is like a supercharger to your abilities to feel others energies. This can be tricky to manage at times as it can be hard to work out if you are picking up on someone else’s feelings or sensing your own. However, do not despair. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and always a reason for what life brings us. As you ponder the plethora of information I am passing on, please take at least one thing from it. Make a change, do something to make a difference. It may be something small, but the earth and those around you will feel the impact. Stay calm, take a deep breath and give thanks to the moon for all of its guidance.

As always, I am here if you need.