Welcome to the New Year! It’s time for a fresh start, let the past stay in the past and move forward. The first Full Moon of 2018 explodes into our lives on January the 2nd packing an energetic punch to blast us away from 2017. The moon comes to us in conjunction with the Cancer zodiac sign so we may see emotions ascending or a longing for home. As well as being the first Super Moon of the year, this full moon is also traditionally called the Wolf Moon, which represents resetting and starting fresh. There is so much power behind this moon. I encourage you, if ever you were to communicate with the universe and the moon, do so now! Her energy is cleansing, she will take away the pain, the heartache, the trouble that has phased the previous year and allow it to become purposeful. Everything happens for a reason, even though we find it hard to appreciate why at the time. Give all that does not serve you to her mothering energy, to take away and make good again.

The moon’s energy this month is urging us not to reflect on the bad. Leave the past where it belongs and don’t dwell on it. For many of us, 2017 was less than perfect, myself included. There were many challenges, many obstacles that changed the course of our lives. As hard as it was at times to push on, we did it. With this powerful Super Moon that we have in our lives right now, use it to get rid of the negative energy, the doubtful thoughts. She is more than happy to take this from us, cleanse it and give it back to the universe in positive form. There’s nothing special that you have to do. Just imagine the bright light of the moon, lighting up the dark night sky, streaming beams of light over the entire earth. Imagine sitting, staring up at its beauty and just ask. Simply ask for help, ask for guidance and ask that your worries be taken away by its magnificent power to be cleared and for you to be cleansed of your worries.

Along with letting go of our troubles, the moon’s energy is also asking us to be calm. The earth’s solar plexus is troubled right now which effects our own centre of self. The solar plexus rules anxiety and will power. The power to manifest and being proactive is drawn from this chakra. Perhaps the universe is prompting us to use the start of a new year to clear our slate and draw on this powerful meridian to develop and strive for more within ourselves. Don’t doubt yourselft, go for it! The universe is backing you all the way. Get out in the sun, bask in the warmth and loving vitamin D that it provides. Surround yourself with the colour yellow. Yellow is happy, dust off those shoes, go dancing! Do things that make you happy. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you strive for something big, the power of this moon and the energy that the universe is omitting at the moment will raise you up to get there and to achieve it!

I have made big plans for this year. All of which will impact on my future in big ways. As much as some of it scares me and that little ego that we all have within us doubts my abilities. I am trusting in the universe and mother moon to help me get there. I am connected to the moon so I hold its messages and energy in high regard. You may be connected to the sun, the earth, mars, or even the stars. They are all part of the bigger collective that is the universe. Whatever you are feeling when you think of these or see them, go with it. Trust in your instincts and feel with your heart.

Two crystals to use this month are Citrine and Clear Quartz. Citrine vibrates with the energy of the solar plexus chakra and helps to calm and balance the meridian when it is out of control. High anxiety, depression, doubt and worry can be helped by using crystal. Placing by the bed at night, having in your pocket or laying down with one placed on your naval area can assist with this. Clear quartz, with the moons energy at the moment can help to cleanse your auras. Clear out all that you no longer need and help with clarity going forward with 2018.

I pulled two cards from my Liquid Crystal Oracle card deck to go with this month’s Full Moon and was dealt the beautiful and very appropriate cards of Clear Calcite and Citrine. Both crystals represent abundance of the universal mind. Clear Calcite is able to sustain clarity more than any other mineral on earth. Its ability to direct powerfully towards spiritual purpose is second to none. Clear Calcite hold similar properties to Clear Quartz, however the calcite’s universal abilities are magnified. Citrine, such a beautiful card to come up for us. The energy of this crystal is warm, comforting and empowering, it represents new beginnings, new life, but only if we allow space in order to do so. As mentioned before, we need to let go of the past. Failing to do this means that there is not enough room for new and glorious gifts to be received. There is so much power in these two cards, together they are cleansing and nourishing. Powerful yet, comforting if we choose to allow it.

What goes around comes around. Give your troubles to the moon to take away, give thanks and give love. All that is good will come back around to you. We must always put out what we want in return. There have been some powerful messages come through this Full Moon, if we choose to take them on, we will be rewarded with inner strength and clarity. The track in there for us to take, we just have to help build it.
As always, thank you so much, I am here if you need. Sending love. X