We have made it! The last Full Moon for 2017 is here! For many, this year has been one to forget rather than cherish. There have been many challenges thrown at us and lessons to have learnt. The energy that is coming from the December Full Moon is reminding us to take perspective. Look at the things happening in our lives that we keep holding on to, things that cause us annoyance or anger, and arguments that have no cause nor resolve. We need to cleanse ourselves of these situations and leave them in the past, leave them in this year and ask the Full Moon to take away those feelings which no longer serve us, allowing us to have clear and peaceful energy for the festive season.

All is not a steady ride however, as the Full Moon beams in on Monday the 4th of December in the early hours of the morning, so too does Mercury Retrograde. Mercury has gone into retrograde four times in 2017 with this last one being particularly poignant (ending on the 23rd). During this time, empaths are reminded to protect their aura and energies.

As if this all isn’t enough, we have our physical selves to think of too. As the weather begins to heat up, our consciousness goes to our physical bodies. Beach time, swimming and wearing less clothing to cope with the heat are normal attributes of summer. But, as the Full Moon is reminding us, put your life and all its attributes into perspective. You may not have exercised for a while, might have over indulged in too much alcohol at the work Christmas Party, or you may have even let yourself go with the sweets a bit this year. No one is perfect but yet everyone is. What this means is that we are just a soul, traveling through an experience on this earth in a vessel that we are given at inception. We have emotions, energy, and expectation that is unruly placed upon us through a lack of love in our society. Life is meant to be challenging. In the mind of our higher self, we are perfect. Our higher self, projects pure love and light. In our physical human mind and that of humankind, we have expectations and therefore the perception of perfection is an unachievable goal.

We are all fighting our own battles, some are content in sharing their stories to lessen the emotional load. Maybe in doing so, they find solace in support and care from those around. Others keep it hidden, choosing to tackle their issues individually. For whatever reason we choose to do either of these two, we must always be mindful of each other’s lives. Love and support literally makes the world go around. Humankind would not survive without acceptance, love and belief in each other. We don’t always know what others are going through, but we can lend and ear and be kind to one another.

As with perspective, we are also being asked to cleanse ourselves. In the coming weeks, Christmas parties are amped up and we very quickly forget about health and wellbeing. I for one, can testify that I am in this category, so as I accept the wisdom from the universe, I aim to be mindful of taking the time out to meditate, exercise and eat healthy. This may be a challenge for some, myself included at times, but a little effort can go a long way. Especially when we are so body conscious these days. Love yourself, no matter your appearance and others will love you back.

For this month’s Full Moon I have picked just one card from my Liquid Crystal Oracle Card Deck. I am so happy with the card that appeared as I feel its magic is so poignant for the weeks to come. We are definitely receiving some strong energy at the moment. As I shuffled and asked the universe to send the right card to me, I dropped two cards. Usually I would take those two cards and accept them as my message, however, tonight I felt the need for only one card, so I put them back in and shuffled again. I was over the moon when one of the cards popped up again. The Opal

The Opal is a vibrantly coloured stone which absorbs light. Made up of almost 21% water, its use during the time of a Full Moon are amplified and give power over emotions. This card is another reminder to be mindful of our emotions and those of others. It sparks truth and honesty and aids as a teacher, helping us to grow. Its physical form represents the brightness of the rainbow and even in shadow forms, light beams out from within.

There is so much for us to think about at the moment. The Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde and the abundance of emotions traveling around at this time of year. Don’t sweat the small stuff though, let things slide when you can. Life is too short to allow emotions to take over our lives and dictate how we live. Enjoy as much as possible and let that light shine from within bursting out that brilliant rainbow we all are.

Please take what you need from my messages. The universe works in wonderful ways and emanates its beauty in so many forms. If I can pass that on to you in my words, then I am truly grateful.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.