What a whirlwind of energy July bought us and with the upcoming full moon this month things only pose more challenges. Mercury is going into retrograde on the 13th along with a partial lunar eclipse arriving with our Full Moon on the 8th. We are then treated to, approximately two weeks later, a total solar eclipse (this will be more present in the Northern Hemisphere, but we will still feel the impact). The energy among us is buzzing, keeping people anxious and on edge. Astrologers can give us guides to planetary alignments and how their positions can affect the earth and its inhabitants, but what does all this energy actually mean for us?

I will be the first to say, that I am still asking this question and the more I search for answers, the more questions I have not to mention the more confused I become. There is so much more to our universe than we know and I believe so much more than our earthly brains can process. What I do know, is what messages I receive from the moon’s energy and my guides. Their guidance gives us a heads up to prepare for the coming changes and the effects that all this astrological phenomena has.

I am being shown warning signals this month. We all need to wake up, prepare for challenges and practice what we preach. Practice makes perfect so whatever it is that you do for work or life in general, their messages are to hone in on this and perfect it. Concentrate on what is meaningful to you and stick with that. They are suggesting not to wear ourselves too thin or attempt to do too many things this month, it just won’t work. With all the upheaval that the universe is about to unleash, the request is to be mindful of mistakes, learn from them but not allow them to control your next move. Now is the time to stand tall, stand up for what you believe in and have faith in yourself. Too often we become shadowed in the complexity of life and forget the meaning of what we do, regardless of how insignificant it might appear.

The earth’s body shadows the moons light in the partial Lunar Eclipse (Earth blocks the sun’s light from accessing the moon so the moon appears to be dark or missing), but the moon is not to be outdone, rather getting its own back by blocking the sun on its orbit shortly after (Moon blocks the suns light from reaching the Earth). There is a mix match of energy almost like we are being pulled in different directions, so let us be prepared to feel the intensity, aggression and anger that may arise. Knowing that it is coming allows us to rethink our reactions and coping mechanisms before the planetary showdown hits.

As well as preparing for the symbolic storm ahead, the universe is again calling for calm. Ride the wave and understand that there may be a few bumps along the way but, if you allow it to happen as it is supposed to, the journey in getting there will be a joyful one. Honoring one’s self and keeping level headed or centered right now is so important in stabilizing the balance. Imagine that you are standing on a rock by the ocean which is slowly being worn away as each wave passes through. It gets smaller and smaller and where it was once strong and sturdy, is now weak and compromised. Rather than giving up and allowing this weakness to topple you over, try changing your stance, you may need to move lower to the ground or stand on one foot, hold your arms out or watch the movements of the waves in preparation to react. Look at it all from a different perspective and see how you can lessen the impact. A calm reaction can result in a prosperous outcome. Remember this as the waves begin to strengthen and flow through this month. Not all is lost, we have the ability to change the course of energy and utilize it to benefit ourselves and others around us.

Crystals to keep around this month are Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye and Clear Quartz. A combination of all four will aid in helping you to stay compelled to honor yourself, keeping focused and clear on your intentions. Citrine is a powerful cleanser, use this along with the other stones to clear out any unwanted energy, planting clear, joyful and prosperous energy back in.

This month I have chosen the Energy Oracle Cards deck by Sandra Anne Taylor to pick cards from. I received four cards as they came out, to go with this reading to represent the Partial Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse. What a crazy, busy month we have approaching.

Partial Lunar Eclipse – Attachment

This card is telling us that it is time to make change, break out of those chains and move forward to an open, free, strong life. Stop living behind the mask and use this energy to take control of what you want. The shadow in which the Lunar Eclipse projects only lasts a short time, there is no hiding away anymore, when it comes out, be prepared to shine.

Full Moon – Woman Holding a Coin

This card is telling us to be on the lookout for assistance or help. Take on that advice, listen to those around you and accept help where it is offered. As with the guiding energy of the Full Moon, the woman holding the coin gives us support and guidance for prosperity and wealth. This comes in the form of financial wealth as well as a wealth of love and happiness. Follow the love of the moon, for she is watching over you.

Mercury Retrograde – Fifth Chakra, Archangel Gabriel

Mercury resonates with communication, this card is suggesting that there may be blocks with the throat chakra and communication with others (very typical of Mercury Retrograde). This could include contracts or dealings of a business matter. As usual it is not suggested to go into contracts of any form and dealings are usually slow or thwart during the mercury retrograde period. Keep your focus and know what you want, when you feel ready for it.

Solar Eclipse – The Sun

Once all the havoc of the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde nears to an end, The Sun (with the help of the moon) will present its final shadow and come out the other side brighter and bigger than ever. This card represents rebirth, shining light onto all, bringing new life and welcoming spring for us here in the southern hemisphere. The change has finished and the warming energy of the sun is leading us into the month of September. (The cliché light at the end of the tunnel).

I feel like I need to take a deep breath after all of that. I guess in preparation for what is to come and to release the energy that no longer serves me. Once the Full Moon hits, remember to breathe, try and take 5 minutes a day to mindfully breathe in and out. This is a form of meditation and the extra oxygen that you are inviting into your body even in just this short amount of time will do your soul and energy meridians (as well as your physical body) a world of good.

Stay calm everyone, let’s ride this wave together and enjoy it. Take the experiences over the coming weeks as a learning one and accept what you are feeling as it comes and goes. The energy will begin to calm, be mindful of our impact on such energy and each other. The more at peace we are the more this peacefulness will flow on to others. As always, thank you and I am here if you need.