Curiosity and knowledge are two very powerful characteristics of our existence. Sometimes they lay dormant waiting for the right moment to appear and push us, other times external factors awaken them and the need for knowing more begins. Death being one of the most powerful triggers. It makes us think and realise that maybe there is more to life. We start to question what we have done and if we have in fact wasted those years that have passed. We contemplate the future and how we can make the most of it before we too are taken and our human experience is complete. Do we change the way we live? Do we change our career? Are we on the right path? All these questions seem to arise but what do we do with them all? Something inside wants more, more than just seeing my doctor, a healthcare professional, gaining information from the news, friends or family. Life can very quickly become a ball of confusion.

So who do you turn to? Are alternative therapies the answer? Where do you start looking? That corner shop that has those strange symbols on the front door and black curtains draped over the windows? Do you take the advice from a friend of a friend, once seeing a lady who showed her a bunch of cards which didn’t make any sense? There are certainly people out there whose egos are bigger than their beliefs. Even our own egos can get in the way at times. But where do you find genuine and loving help?

My advice to you is, use your intuition, we all have psychic abilities. Some of us have higher vibrational connections than others, however, all humans on this earth are born with some form of ‘knowing’. Very simply, if you find someone you don’t feel comfortable with, don’t use them. Whether you use the likes of a clairvoyant, psychic, medium, healer, or any other form of spiritual conduit, make sure you gel with the person. This is your experience, both you and the ‘reader’ need to have a clear and communicative channel for divine guidance and messages to come through. You may unconsciously block them from being able to read you because you are not comfortable, disallowing yourself to find solace in their presence. For some a first time experience can be a daunting one, (which it shouldn’t be) especially if you are hoping to connect with a loved one that has passed. This is why finding the right person that you feel comfortable with is crucial. Trust in yourself and how you feel, you are in charge. Be up front and honest with what you want from them.

There are many reasons that we seek guidance from the spirit world. Future prophesies, assurance, connection with a loved one, healings or just to experience the energy that comes with a reading. Which if you haven’t had before, can be very exhilarating, emotional and energetic. There are many reputable light workers, and I use the term light worker, as those who have harnessed and developed their spiritual connection, work in the light. Light is energy and in order to connect with the divine plane, one must increase and purify their energetic vibrations to coerce and receive clearly. This is why you may often hear people talk about meditating, grounding and connecting before giving a reading. There is a lot of preparation that goes in before your arrival. No matter what you are searching for or who for that matter, know that if you open your heart and ask the universe for help, you will be given direction and find the most appropriate light worker for you. If you are wondering just in fact how you do that, rest assured there is no magic spells or chanting on a full moon required (however that is an important time of the calendar month which I will touch on at another time). Simply, just ask, be it aloud or in your head. You may like to use the following if you’re not quite sure how to put it. Universe, I am searching for something and need your help. I ask that you point me in the right direction to the person or people that can help me find what I am looking for and what I need. Thank you. Always be gracious, the universe and divine beings in it are made in pure love, appreciation never goes astray.

You might find in the coming week, you happen to drive past an energy centre which you hadn’t noticed before, speak to a trusted friend who has had an excellent experience with a psychic, hear of a psychic expo that is coming up or even pick up a magazine when to go to grab your morning coffee with an article on finding the right light worker for you. Alternatively, jump online, ask around, people are always willing to share their good experiences with you, if you ask.

Remember to be open and honest with how you are feeling. What are you searching for and what you wish to gain from this experience? Open the door and the answers will find you. Engage yourself to the experience and allow the ‘reader’ to access the messages you need to hear. ‘A closed book is no good to any reader.’ Make sure you feel comfortable and above all, embrace it, we are here to help, heal, teach and guide.

My name is Crystal Lim and I am a Light Worker.